We provide all the necessary forms, brochures and postings to help you establish the foundation of a compliant organization.  Each document is created with your company name and logo to give your startup the same professional look that would be given if you owned a franchise.

This also includes recruitment and selection besides outlining employee handbook.

Recruitment and Selection

All startups need to hire people.  We can do as much or as little as you would like in the hiring process.  Our extensive recruitment services to help you choose the right people to achieve your projected goals. We can run ads for you, screen candidates, and more.

Interview training

Some business owners actually like to take the time to run an ad, screen hundreds of resumes, set up appointments, etc. For those do-it-yourselfers, we can offer one-on-one interview training.  We focus on what WE do best, So should your company.

Employee Handbook

All companies (including non-profit organizations) should have a comprehensive and up-to-date, employee handbook.


We know companies have avoided confusion and expensive lawsuits by having a well written handbook.  We believe “do-it-yourselfers” (even HR professionals) are practicing risky business when they buy a template or surf the net for an employee handbook.
For this reason we leave the legalities to the legal professionals.